you can run but you cannot hide from yourself t-shirt design

You Can Run but You Cannot Hide from Yourself T-shirt Design

This piece is special to me. For years, I had been working with digital software, the results were very swift and precise. However, after seeing a few of those internet artists freehand drawings and I must say it’s very rewarding in accomplishment. It is another way to free our minds to create form out of one’s imagination. One is not bound by the layers of the programming labyrinth that will decide what can be possible or what is not.

It is not that digital workflow is in any way hinder my ideas, but working with paper makes me think in a tiptoe precise manner. The next move could possibly ruin my drawing. I plan ahead with great anticipation. General practice is always a good way to begin before actual destruction.

More to the point, I feel analogue workflow is more receptive to flaws, in the digital workflow I’m always focusing on perfection. By drawing with my hand engage me in a great length of focus, I’m often lost track of time. In digital, I’ll have to remember the sequence to get to the effect I need but on paper, I can freely explore my ideas without having to strain my eyes on the bright screen.

After I lay my hand on the paper, I feel this is real, not just in the paper itself, but also in my style. I’m more to myself in ideas. Freely sketch to come true. Of all these works, if I’m not trying to keep it real then what is the point right?

Thank you for reading and have a good day.

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