Wild Is The Wind


This night had me up again listening to some of my favourite tracks and I have to come to post here with this beautiful melody from our late Nina Simone.

I guess if there is a message in this song is that do not think a windy afternoon is just only there to cool it off, be still and listen? There is a message in the air I believe.

With piano as a close companion to her voice, followed by light drum and soft bass, in the beginning, it brings you to the next dimension of realization, that miss Simone was truly there to sing to your heart. If you can’t get the feel, closing your eyes can help.

As the music progresses through the later part of the song, the piano quickens its pace and transform from a soft and relaxing listening pleasure to a more chaotic and intense emotional climax. I can only describe this as wild is the wind.

Enjoy this beautiful piece of art.

By Ivan

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