the rise of delivery job

The Rise of Delivery Job

In recent years ordering food to where ever you are reduced to only lifting your finger and work the magic on the smooth black slab, populate throughout our society like identity card mandated by our big brother.

In the rise of delivery services, the idea of selling more than imagination can hold caught fire that rage through our city in every way possible, all praise to the middle man who connected the seller and the buyer, without them, luck and prayers might not be enough to see these ambitious businesses to the finishing line.

The truth is that in all things we come to accept, it at first lingers in our conscious mind and eventually found its way to our subconscious realm. The next thing we know, we got converted, sold or persuaded, we join the group of people who imagine the world is sold on apps. We got dominated. Just like the digital revolution. We now cannot live without it.

With so many desires, manpower is one of the keys essential to connect both ends. The job opening broke through the conventional way of hiring, in a short time frame, it kicks started the initial group of curious people to join in the gig. The result? More people rush into the delivery services. Why? Freedom.

When you are off the ring of the shackle, you are free to dream, free to meet your family needs, free to pursue a life without doing the unnecessary that is lead by the incompetent most of the time.

Delivery job is either for the laziest person who occasionally ventures out to make a few quick dollars after they drown themselves in bright flashing colour screen or for the brilliant individual who cannot escape the gravitational force of inflation struggle to be heard and doing what one’s love.

Either way, in a world bound by rules and consequences and magic doors open only for the rich, it is good to know, there is such a channel through which ordinary people can get a chance to get some oxygen just above the water surface of poverty.

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