ice cream man in the day

The Ice Cream Man In Day

I remember back in the school days where the only exciting thing to do after school is eating ice cream. The man who looks to be in his middle age will guard in front of the pushcart, waiting to take our money in exchange for ice cream. He always greeted us with a warm smile.

I can imagine that it is also a joy for him to sell us ice cream. I suppose nobody sells ice cream for a career and people must have their reasons, that reason may very well be seeing young boys and girls in their excitement.

Every time I see one of these pushcarts, it still holds the magical sensation for me. No matter who the ice cream man is, I can still feel like he is this old friend, not the drug dealer of course, but the good old warm ice cream man back in school.

Not all things last forever, in the change of time, the ice cream man is the dying breed in our society. All in favour of the more classy establishment planted themselves in every fancy air-conditional mall. I know I do sound like I hated the mall but, that is another post for another day.

For now, let us take a moment to indulge ourselves in those magical memories of the ice cream man with this photo.

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