The first friday

The First Friday

The stale night linger with the hope of tomorrow dreams
All made possible by people who venture out for fresh air beyond their bedroom space
It maybe so that circumstances dictate our decision
But there are some still dream on when everybody goes the same direction.
Is it hope?
The kind of stubbornness in us that refuse to bend or surrender?
To the observer, like photography it cast an impression of spark
A light, a seed, it contain an idea and from that idea it grews to mirror it, hope.
To live one more day, to dream one more day
Hope will set us in motion of endless beauty and creation
The world will be beautiful again.

Music by Eydis Evensen

I first learn of Eydis Evensen on Youtube and I found her tracks on Spotify. It is been a while I found an artist that engages me in music which inspires me to write. I hope her music inspire you.

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