the coner jewellery shop

The Corner Jewellery Shop

My first two years working in Chinatown gave me the experience of being a time traveller. I didn’t quite fit in at first, as time goes by, very slowly the place reveals itself in the most authentic way. It somehow changed my perception about Chinatown like I wasn’t acquainted in this area. A pair of new eyes behold the subject in a new light, a place so small yet hold so much substance and stories. It is magical for me and I can start to see the appeal of why some people stay in this area and never want to leave.

It could be the street, the old man collecting cardboard, the famous food stalls or the ancient temples, as for me are all the above plus those old buildings like this corner jewellery shop that just got shot down by the inevitable arrow of modernism, the change of time that eventually bend anybody wills to its path.

I remember I used to pass by the shop daily for work and the people inside always reading newspaper or daydream while looking outside the shop. I couldn’t help by wondering what were their stories, how does one get a job in a shop that has no customers.

A shop traps in time and refuses to surrender. Today is the day the motion of time has its way and the last dying breath of the jewellery shop finally pass the baton to the next owner. The hotelier.

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