God Dice & Us Tee

Finally complete from my last post!

I rename it because I think it just not appropriate to put it “God does not play dice” though I admire Einstein since the day I know he exist, still, I believe the new title is more interesting.

Like I said about Einstein, I was thinking the big question of space and time after I finish my burger on a boat. There was the blue sky, water and those birds gathering around with each other like they are in the middle of important meeting.

I wondered where they will go and I wonder why I was there and whole lot of that 101 question about the future starts rolling down on my mind.

A lot of us was all dreadful and fearful about the future, along the way we made some drastic changes, some people end up happy and some not so happy. I suppose there is no good answer or bad answer, is what we make of it that matter.

I realize we all have purpose and it is up each individual to find their way in career or relationship. The world is what we think of it, not what it is.

I may have disappointed you that this post is not about religion. Cheers to tomorrow!


Stop Drinking Emergency





Stop Drinking Emergency by VisionalfreemanĀ 

The idea of this design comes to me when I was having a drinking session with my friends. One of us got drunk and somebody mention if only there was push button to prevent such fiasco.

I than got on working on this by combining the element of an emergency button color in red attach with a tag.

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