God Dice & Us Tee

Finally complete from my last post!

I rename it because I think it just not appropriate to put it “God does not play dice” though I admire Einstein since the day I know he exist, still, I believe the new title is more interesting.

Like I said about Einstein, I was thinking the big question of space and time after I finish my burger on a boat. There was the blue sky, water and those birds gathering around with each other like they are in the middle of important meeting.

I wondered where they will go and I wonder why I was there and whole lot of that 101 question about the future starts rolling down on my mind.

A lot of us was all dreadful and fearful about the future, along the way we made some drastic changes, some people end up happy and some not so happy. I suppose there is no good answer or bad answer, is what we make of it that matter.

I realize we all have purpose and it is up each individual to find their way in career or relationship. The world is what we think of it, not what it is.

I may have disappointed you that this post is not about religion. Cheers to tomorrow!






by Visionalfreeman

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Fingerprint was use as signature in ancient Babylon in the 2nd millennium BCE. To protect against forgery, a legal contract created between two parties by setting their fingerprints into clay tablet, which used to identify the marker.

Not only the Babylonian used fingerprint identification, have the Chinese used it as far back as 246BCE. Not until 1788, the German anatomist Johann Christoph Andreas Mayer recognized that fingerprints are unique to each individual.

Fast track to our modern world, by 1935 retinal identification was first conceived by Dr Carleton Simon and Dr Isadore Goldstein. However, the technology advancement was not capable to realize the idea for practical use.

In 1976, a corporation named EyeDentify formed by Robert “Buzz” Hill delicate its resources to research and develop retinal scanner, follow by the first commercial model to be release in 1978.

Today, there were many speculation of the coming RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology for the human race. The conspiracy theories communities acknowledge its coming is inevitable while others call it a hoax and insist this technology does not exist.

In 2002, the VeriChip Corporation (Known as ‘PositiveID Corporation’ since November 2009) receive approval from FDA to market its microchip implant in US. However the product was not successful due to the later finding that had caused cancer to hundred of laboratory animals.

How possible is the microchip human race? I would say it is not anytime soon. As whether you believe in an evil empire controlling the human with implants or this technology can propel the advancement of humanity to a higher stage, I leave it to you to conclude. I design this t-shirt to bring the awareness to the public of the microchip human implant.

Visionalfreeman use American Apparel.

Social Voice


Social Voice

Social media have reached a state where it have root into our daily life and become part of our daily experience. We laugh with it and cry with it. We learn about the world not just what the news tells us but also through our friend’s perspective to arrive at our own conclusion.

Some try to use social media to expose the truth of which to some people might not believe it exist entirely in their conventional environment, some will want to salvage as much as what is already a damage climate by bring out the awareness of pollution.

Be it what the reason behind the use of social media, it is a powerful voice of the people, it represent the world itself.

I want a t-shirt that represents this idea. This is the third revision. I think I would not make anymore change to this current version.

Hope you like it.


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Bartender Tee


Bartender Tee by Visionalfreeman

I have always admired the work of a bartender. Bartender not only serve drinks to customers, they also entertain the guests, create a relationship from customer to friend. A bartender remembers how, when and why customer wants the drink. He or she who is behind the bar anticipates the needs of the customers. Some customer like to talk, there are some who just want to be left alone, occasionally need some attention to fill up the glass without having to ask. There is no training for this sort skill. Only he or she who hands on the job behind the bar knows it all. I made this t-shirt to dedicate to those who chose to be a bartender.



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35mm Photography


35mm Photography T-Shirt by Visionalfreeman

The first time I set my hand on a 35mm camera to learn photography was a digital SLR. I was not entirely intrigue by the experience until I lay my hand on a 35mm Nikon FM2.

I am not making this a digital vs analogue opinion, rather the experience I had with the FM2.

Working with the FM2 or an analogue camera made me very focus on my subject and keep me on the edge, thinking of the lighting condition and the style I want to capture.

The result after I developed my first roll of negative film was interesting. The sensation between downloading digitally capture photo to the computer and develop a roll of negative film is different. I find that the process of getting the result is more rewarding to me than digital workflow.

In this encroaching popularity of digital products in our society, many of these film manufacturers are out of business. I made this t-shirt design to celebrate the beauty of film photography and bring awareness to the photography community. I hope that there will be enough users to support film production in many years to come.


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