The Friday Tee

You cannot deny it; Friday is the most special day of the week. Throughout the whole week, we have that little intimate mission, auto running at the back of our head, no matter what, we must make it to Friday.

For those working people who are looking for a way to lose some steams, Friday is the day. Friday is like the ultimate solution for every problem that drags you through the whole week.

Friday is the day you might meet somebody special, even though you don’t believe in a romance movie. Some believe generally people just need to have sex. However, the congregations have to carry forward. God bless true people who have a heart.

Friday is the day that you might get so drunk and become a Facebook celebrity overnight with the help of your best friend camera phone.

For those people living up in the air high above, Friday is like Christmas all over again. Yes, every damn week. For some of us have to wait one year. The air up there is certainly better I suppose.

When you step on a pile of shit, what do you say? “Damn! This happens because it is not Friday.”

For some people, Friday is a day to get drunk and get laid or run around with no pants thinking nobody will see. However, for somebody, it is a last day of work before they get to see their children under the custody of their ex-wife of the ex-husband.

You see Friday is biological clock instils deep into our conscious or subconscious, or semi-subconscious if there is such, from the moment we are born. Hence the Friday Tee.

Thank you for reading.

Working On New Tee Pattern

Searching for inspiration.

Today I have been out since afternoon looking for a nice spot to lay my mat and relax myself. I want to experiment some new design forms that I’ll use on my next t-shirt print.

Now the night is here and I’m going to fill my stomach with some nice food I can find. See you till the next post.