Bolo Da on Expensive Gears not Important

I had been using the Korg Volca gears for some time now. I had been very please with how things turn out. With DAW, I do not feel like I’m playing music, rather I feel like I’m working on a word processor. The mouse is just not the link between music and the world of audio options out there. For that being said, I just like to be cheap on my gears 🙂

So for my next purchase, I’m going to rather be blunt in my choice of gear. The microKorg. Most people will think I’m crazy but for that, I can do so much more besides my Volca Keys. I’m the kind of person who likes to just turn on an instrument and start playing. To config just not my thing. I prefer simple instrument and I make the most out of them. Bolo Da deliver the message better than I.