Freedom Of Speech Is Figure Of Speech

The Freedom Of Speech in society

Some people say that there is a land where Freedom Of Speech is being practised and that we as human race marching toward an era of enlightenment. Look around you, and you will see the image of broken families lost to gambling, drug, homeless on the street, stress out parents who cannot afford the cost of living, and those chasing the big dream at the expenses of their health and their conscience. How does the voice of the people of any nation get to change the welfare for good?

Freedom Of Speech Is A Figure Of Speech

The enlightenment never arrives

I must say that we are very far from enlightenment and freedom. We are people living in a habitat made by the owner and if we cross the line we will not be let go. We try to change, vote for this party or that party and in the end, we end up with the same result. Inflation, low wage, bad policy, expensive health care. If history ever teaches us anything, is that we cannot beat the system. The only way out is not to play the game.

Freedom Of Speech Is A Figure Of Speech Sweatshirt

Why the t-shirt?

This t-shirt design is about the Freedom Of Speech, to remind people that, like any person whom we try to accuse of something, if we are not careful, we might end up in a hole. Likewise being active in what we believe in is good, also without violence is important too. Most noteworthy is being fretful about our daily affair is not going to help change our future. So don’t take it so seriously when Freedom Of Speech fails. Remember, you are also playing the game when you are still in the system.

Freedom Of Speech Is A Figure Of Speech Longsleeve

Not a perfect world

To make ourselves heard is an important thing. Freedom of speech is the tool we need but also the tool that enslaves us to this grid. We need to adhere to the system and work out a solution where most of the time only serve one aspect of the problem rather as one people in the world. It is because of this ritual as our history that pulls us down, to forsake it we lost our identity, to embrace it we cannot leave the society. The division of people is the most brilliant form of control in society. Since we cannot forsake our identity, we can never leave society. And even we are able to obtain the freedom of speech, we will never solve our problems completely.

Freedom Of Speech Is A Figure Of Speech Tank Top

Quit the game

Quit it while you can. Try these beautiful buses. Travel the world, get out of the city, already, there are many people who are in love with nature and prefer to live out of the grid. I often visit those blogs where the bloggers write about their experience of living in solitude. I really admire them in their little adventure. Build a small house, run on solar power, hunt for your food or make a living working on some handmade stuff in the town. When you are out there, the so-called freedom of speech is really not important anymore. Mother nature is all you need.

Freedom Of Speech Is A Figure Of Speech Tshirt