The Flat Earth Ring Design

Today’s flat earth

Flat Earth Ring At The Edge Of The Word

We have come a long way to learn the alternative theory of the newly proved evidence that the flat earth is the most solid wakening truth we have learned by this far. With a little logic and some simple science will make this spinning ball at 1000 km/h theory to be absolute nonsense. To even accept it at some point in my life previously just put me to shame as to how I didn’t ask the obvious question of logic. Or maybe I did, I might be too busy pouring that last pint down my throat. For many years there had been numerous debates over by the flat earth and the sphere earth communities. It really is a butcher ground to just watch both sides engage under the subject of discussion. You can see what is happening at the end of the day is that we do not really have the hard evidence to show the non-believer the earth is flat till one of us; common people venture out to the edge of the world to locate this Firmament of the dome, bring back the evidence and people might just call it a fake. Are you seeing the ironic part of the debate? People, in general, will believe in what they believe. Even some evidence is very convincing and will crush any doubt in any sane mind, September 11 anybody? Still, these day-dream-zombies will tell you stories that make you wonder what they are smoking.

The idea beyond the end of the flat earth

Flat Earth Ring At The Edge Of The Word

It was told back in the ancient time in maps and writings that the earth is flat as such with sun, moon and the stars enclosed within the dome for a very long time. How long was that? Nobody knows. Who builds it? Through research can tell you The Flammarion engraving was found first appear in a book of Camille Flammarion in 1888. A depiction of a man travels to the end of the world and reach out to the other side, how strange is that for ancient people to create art on such subject. Even more strange the engraving founded in wood form, nobody really knows who made it and its origin. We might never know how long the dome has been there since the dawn of mankind. There are other maps like one from China depicted land mass beyond our world as large as America or Australia. This only makes me more curious to ask “what are we doing inside here?”  Are we being punished? What are those lands beyond us? Is it a Land of Gods?

The prison concept

If all these newly presented concepts are elusive as it sounds, to grasp this absurdity-somehow-make-sense theory, I would strongly recommend The Thirteen Floor. Though it might be a little old since its production was back in 1999, it is still worth the ride down the memory lane. After the actor discover the end of the world and all this life was just a software program exists in a simulation all hell went loose, simple and clean, my kind of movie. To imagine and accept we are people living under a huge dome that prevents us from going beyond this point might be ok for me but, for people who demand more like the quest for God and all that religion teaching might not be easily be sway off their feet with this cheap talk of God watching from above the dome of eternity. It really boils down to how you see yourself. So those talks about Karma might be true. If you are in sales, you might want to think twice about the rules of engagement.

The making of the Flat Earth Ring

For me, I’m happily enjoying my research, celebrating life as it is. Every day is a beautiful day, more interesting things happen in each step I took, I try to live life to the fullest and not to dwell on regrets and hate. In celebration, I had incorporated the flat earth theory to my equation of my life perspective, what does that mean? I don’t know. But I do know, never will I go back to be a fool and just take the answer as it is from the media. Some answers require you to seek it out, and through the life journey of seeking the truth, I want a symbol that I can represent my belief and hence I made the Flat Earth Ring. Currently, it is not in production yet.  You can purchase in the near future. As for the truth, I leave it to you to decide. I wish you well and thank you for reading.