Five Pillars Ring Design

Five pillars ring design

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Five pillars ring design perspective view
Ring perspective view.
Five pillars ring design top edge view
Looking from the side top down.
Five pillars ring design front view
Ring front view from top down.


Five Pillars ring design had not cross my mind for awhile since I did the Diamond Frame, let alone designing something entirely so different from my previous approach. The Five Pillars ring design was a surprise to me as much as anybody who had known me from the start. From choosing the frame to the recess-engrave like lines and shapes on the surface was all new from the start.

Searching for the ring frame

Not long ago I had seen somewhere about a ring that have this nice flat top surface, I decided to add a personal touch to it. I elevate the face of the ring higher to a more prominence position. I had design to slice on a v-shape to the side of the ring, to make the bottom more narrow and broaden the top, so as to leave room for finger movement. At this point, I had created the foundation frame work for more future projects. I intent to create a whole series of design base on this frame.

The Five Pillars ring color

The choice of the color is gold. Since gold is the precise color to match the mood of Greek and Egyptian culture. The Five Pillars ring design was inspired by these places where I have found myself wonder in amazement. However, Gold is more expensive to make rather than brass, more to the point, brass does have oxidation. It does age with time and product that rustic tone which is beautiful to me.


In designing the Five Pillars ring, I had gain a lot of experiences like never before. I look forward to create more design and have them upload to my website. There are times where imagined version of the ring to be transfer to software tools for modeling, pose a challenge to the designer. Not that I had never use Rhino 3D before, it is a wonderful tool to use. I was so use to modeling furniture and interior works, creating ring was a passion I found to be very addictive.