Star Child


Start Child album by HeartBeatHero, I must say after reading the description of the album, it weighs heavily on me in the life experience the artist was going through. Because of this, I must view the album as an honest listener.

Synthwave Memory presents with this grandeur opening usher by the dynamic of the synth, slowly progress to the fast pace beat surrounded by the build-up fast tempo sequencing, with element suggest of a story unfold, all told by instrument alone in the artist’s hand.

Synthwave Afterlife sips into your blood like the burning courage that transforms any man into an inspiring being. Opening up yourself and new possibilities emerge. Beautiful timing between the fade in and out enhance the whole theme in my listening pleasure.

Star Child intro starts with a slow burn soft tune and slowly progresses with elements suggesting a journey about to begin. In the midsection enter into a slow steady beat that blend with a chord progression and is finally led by the synths sound reflected in the bright light of tomorrow’s hope.

Coming to the end of this post, I must conclude that this beautiful synth craft album is worth so much more. Why not add it to your collection. A perfect example of a talented artist not born out of a big cooperate soulless machine.

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