Kiss Me In The Rain

Kiss Me In The Rain by Jessie Frye I was looking into supporting my favourite artist and between Jessie Frye, and the other artist I slowly gravitated toward her voice and this Fantasy track is such a killer. Since the Fantasy track was released long ago which I learn of it from the Beyond Synth… Continue reading Kiss Me In The Rain

Star Child

Star Child by HeartBeatHero Start Child album by HeartBeatHero, I must say after reading the description of the album, it weighs heavily on me in the life experience the artist was going through. Because of this, I must view the album as an honest listener. Synthwave Memory presents with this grandeur opening usher by the… Continue reading Star Child

Other Side

Other Side (Analog Dreams) by Space Tourist Other Side by Space Tourist, fading in and out of the glitch texture, blend with occasional space station communication sampling back and forth. Melody suggests a mysterious element at play that will capture your imagination. It sure captures mine.

Last Drive

Last Drive by Acid Arcade Acid Arcade, I must say I’m a fan. This artist has a taste for music creation which I find to be exciting and in tune with me. Though, exciting might sound like a simple expression which I find difficult to engage with so many new artists who usually sounds very… Continue reading Last Drive

Wild Is The Wind

This night had me up again listening to some of my favourite tracks and I have to come to post here with this beautiful melody from our late Nina Simone. I guess if there is a message in this song is that do not think a windy afternoon is just only there to cool it… Continue reading Wild Is The Wind