Makeup and Vanity Set – Brigador Intro

A long break after the lockdown have me stagnated and hang to dry. I’m coming back here to put down a few lines to help fuel my passion for music. Here allow me to introduce my newly discovered artist at Soundcloud Makeup and Vanity Set.

This composer has the repetitive sound pattern of the intro lure you into the mystery surrounding the soundtrack, suggesting some hidden mechanical transformation about to set in motion, while all this is going through, a surprise insert of rhythm change break the dazzling twilight of the intro and set you on the path of the journey with an open mind in what is to come.

A close look at Makeup and Vanity Set at Bandcamp reveals a long list of music production which got me excited at what I will find there. I might end up purchase a few of that awesome track. See you guys in the next post.

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