Ivan Low - Designer
Ivan Low – Designer

Visionalfreeman on identity design.

I like to work with colors and forms; naturally I am drawn to computer graphic and had been exploring new ideas over the years with books and software as my main education material. A lot of the things I do now are self taught.

I have a lot of fun working on design from home and dream of doing this full time but had procrastinated for many years. In 2013, I finally created Visionalfreeman, a platform for me to showcase my work, so it can help me quit my day job and work on the things that I love most.

A lot of my inspiration came from people who published their work on the internet, it did not stop there. Some of the life changing events had also help shape my ideas and the direction I had taken to create my design.

I like animal and I have two small hamsters who somehow fail to recognize me since the day I bought them.

I love walking around with my camera snapping on anything I like. It’s been awhile since I do that. 12 hours a day is not enough for me.

Feel free to look around and tell me what you think.


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