first building block the microkorg

First Building Block Microkorg Keyboard

I guess it was luck that I found the Microkorg listed in the local market. I wasn’t sure what I was going to get, I only know the listed features have what I needed. So I took my opportunity, dive right into it.

At first, the colour wasn’t what I expected, however, I have come to love its appearance as time goes by so very fast. I now look back and appreciate my choice of instrument and officially I just bought my first proper synthesizer. Something with a real key and sound coming from beneath the plastic cover.

As for the keys on the Microkorg was known to be small, I don’t really think that will be a problem for my small hands haha… As for all those big-sounding keyboards out there, Korg does offer a good value instrument for people who just want to play music, even when the keys are small, music is music.

The second common complaint about the synth is its lack of knobs for control. I was a little overwhelmed by it at first. By now, it is my second nature since I already know where some important or usually use functions are at. Though having direct access to the knob for editing is good to have, but this synth is not designed for that kind of job. An MS20 might be the answer.

As for the sound concern since it is a digital modelling tech, I feel it is quite a character compare to the analogue synth, not to replace the analogue sound but as a companion. As of now, I’m setting aside an analogue synth as my next keyboard to complement the Microkorg in the near future.

The Youtube champions of the Microkorg

After I bought the synth, I head straight to Youtube for some quick education on Microkorg, and this is what I found to be really helpful in my situation.

If you are also like me, on this journey, I wish you all the best. I’m going back to mess around more on my Microkorg. Have a good day.

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