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you can run but you cannot hide from yourself t-shirt design

You Can Run but You Cannot Hide from Yourself T-shirt Design

This piece is special to me. For years, I had been working with digital software, the results were very swift and precise. However, after seeing a few of those internet artists freehand drawings and I must say it’s very rewarding in accomplishment. It is another way to free our minds to create form out of […]

i can't see shit without you

I can’t see shit without you New T-shirt Design

This design was inspired by my relationship with my wife after all these years living together. People often say behind every successful man there is always a wonder woman. Not like I’m starting to buy houses by the beach and drove the latest Tesla to work, but the quality of life has been improved drastically. […]


If only Religion and Science are One

This was inspired by alchemy symbol: Quintessence, the link of Hermetic Seal of Light is the key to alchemy study, and also the proof that we once knew how to combine the spark from our spirit and infuse it with the matter provided by nature. A rather sad reflection of today’s science that absolutely denial […]


apt-get install

I made this when Windows 10 was about to roll out, many people were outraged by Microsoft quietly update the current user to Windows 10. I was among these people and realized how unethical Microsoft acted towards its user. This event also promotes the idea of using Linux for my daily work. I installed my […]

The People's Synth

The People’s Synth

I first found the Volca series on YouTube where I was searching for the electronic instrument. Back then I do not have much money for my newfound hobby. The Volca let me explore the sound of a synthesizer without breaking the bank. I was immediately hooked to playing with it. At the same time, the […]

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