Seeking a way out

It has been a while since I last recorded something. It is because I recently added some hardware to the setup and had been learning how to use it. At this point, I’m beginning to understand that adding a lot of new hardware to the setup within a short period of time can stop the… Continue reading Seeking a way out

Through The Sandstorm

This was inspired mainly by movies I had seen. My most recent memories of the Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan gave me insight into the living lifestyle of how people survive in the sandy land awash by the event of the sandstorm. The bravery and courage are woven into the very being of a… Continue reading Through The Sandstorm

Valor Says The Wind
Valor Says The Wind

I started this with the Monologue bass sequencing. The next thing I tried on was the Odyssey to lead the melody. I really love how this came out. This track transported me to the movie I watched many years ago—the most unforgettable performance by Mads Mikkelsen in the film Valhalla Rising. Seeing how these men… Continue reading Valor Says The Wind

The Wind and The Land

The Wind and the Land

This was inspired by rural life, deep into the mountain with farming on the open field, people and animals living in harmony, with warm smiles and undying faith in love and peace. I must be really sick of city life. I often imagine living in a rural area where life can be simple and free.… Continue reading The Wind and The Land

Echo of The Mountain

Echo of The Mountain

Many years back I visited Korea. On my journey to another city, I took the train ride with my wife and since I had a window view, I spent most of my time looking out, curiously searching and taking pictures of the scene. The mountain in Korea extends wave after wave as far as the… Continue reading Echo of The Mountain

There Is Hope

This week I recorded my second video. I can only say I’m addicted to it. It somehow gives me a place to let out my voice. I’m far from perfect, I’ll try my best to bring you the best I can. For now, please enjoy There Is Hope. With so many fear factors surrounding us… Continue reading There Is Hope

Small Idea

I had been thinking about it. Thinking for a long time. I think about it while riding, and walking and I most certainly had been thinking about it in my dream. The ideas had been going on about a tune, or sometimes a few tunes at once in a day. Today I finally have it… Continue reading Small Idea