The Park Discovery

Recently I visited my favourite park under an early morning grey sky. I didn’t think much of it, even if it continues to rain, I’ll still enjoy my walk. Walking into nature is always refreshing when you live in a concrete city powered by fuel and electricity. In the ever-advancing growth of a metropolis, the… Continue reading The Park Discovery

The Lone Survival

When you see something so small and fragile trying to survive in a place not designed for it, you simply take a picture of it. Out here on this tiles pavement where the university sits on top of it, plus thousand of busy people tramp over it mindlessly daily and there it is, the lone… Continue reading The Lone Survival

The Dancing Light

The showcase of the downtown hip brands these days falls back to the conventional display and mangle with oddity concept, for the most part, look rather unnecessary for my taste. Today I came across this interesting installation. For some reason, the twisted neon light that forms the dancing lady appears to be elegant and dancing… Continue reading The Dancing Light


Let me introduce you to our little girl here Hengbok. She is our sunshine and she keeps me busy all the time. I like to take pictures of her all the time and these are the most recent photos. Do you also have a cat?