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the extended platform at Queen Elizabeth Walk

The Extended Platform of Queen Elizabeth Walk

I remember back in the days where this little corner of the bay area was the satay club. An open space hawker centre where people enjoy a few beers and chew down a few sticks of satay. The cool wind will occasionally brew over and carry away the voice of our laugher and cheers. The […]

the rise of delivery job

The Rise of Delivery Job

In recent years ordering food to where ever you are reduced to only lifting your finger and work the magic on the smooth black slab, populate throughout our society like identity card mandated by our big brother. In the rise of delivery services, the idea of selling more than imagination can hold caught fire that […]

the coner jewellery shop

The Corner Jewellery Shop

My first two years working in Chinatown gave me the experience of being a time traveller. I didn’t quite fit in at first, as time goes by, very slowly the place reveals itself in the most authentic way. It somehow changed my perception about Chinatown like I wasn’t acquainted in this area. A pair of […]


Shophouse in Restoration

In this image is the work of an old shophouse in restoration. A common shop house like this is the trace of our earlier days of commerce in Singapore. A commonplace where people shop and eat. What attracted me was the shadow lines shaped by the metal enforcement on the outer structure cast by the […]

national day

National Day

Here is a scene that I love to see when the national day is just around the corner. Though, in Singapore, living standards like all developed worlds have one problem which never gets out of fashion when friends get together, inflation. Common people here does struggle to get by, and no matter what is the […]

gouco tower cityscape

Gouco Tower Cityscape

Gouco Tower had transformed our business district since it first set foot at the heart of Tanjong Pagar. Though this post is not dedicated to the tower design itself, it is worth noticing because of the tower design, the cityscape in this area has been transforming into a more modern or shall I say, a […]

the shade in the middle

The Shade In The Middle

Life living on this little island can be of claustrophobia if one does not reconnect with nature. Surely there are other places on this lonely planet that exist a bigger concrete city like us but, to me, this is more than my usual dosage of concrete-phobia I can take in. People like myself cannot ignore […]

ice cream man in the day

The Ice Cream Man In Day

I remember back in the school days where the only exciting thing to do after school is eating ice cream. The man who looks to be in his middle age will guard in front of the pushcart, waiting to take our money in exchange for ice cream. He always greeted us with a warm smile. […]

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