Violoncheloops from Mexico

If the sound of the cello makes you think of the already well known classical flavour but seemingly nothing new to add to the creative side of today’s modern music, look no further. Here is Violoncheloops.

The execution of Violoncheloops has a unique movement and texture to its emotional presentation. With every string, the vibration of colourful sound pulls you into the story after story in wonderment. It’s hypnotism that does not have side effects and you can get off anytime you want. But… do you really want that?

The Lost Demos of Amanda Lepre

The first thing that strikes you in her voice is soft but full of energy. Each track was written so much emotion of ups and downs. And the drum leads you into its momentum. Fast chase beats drive you on a roller coaster ride in each turn of surprise of music to your ear, followed by her stories encrypted in her lyric. I just love the arrangement of each song in this album. Its been a long time I’m captivated like this by going over and over again without having to feel dull in listening.

Give it a go. I’m sure there is something in this album for you.

Murder, and The Birds

This came to me as a surprise while I was diving into the sea of new artist music to realize that this album does ring well in my ears. Not long ago I found the Blackmore’s Night, which is absolutely stunning and refreshing. Murder, and The Birds is the kind of music sing in acoustic soundwave, travelling to meet the vision of folk tales that will have you wrap in a surprise.


Shall I start by saying “in this troubled time”? The outcome of the world affair like post stick on the screen reminds us of the mess we turn away. The thought of we getting into the muddy water was unthinkable. Not till now when it is in our face and we try to reconcile or get acquainted with but, there is no straight answer to our problems. However, when we are losing hope to the madness or supposedly claim madness (depend on which side of the fence you are standing.), listening to music can put you on the peak of the mountain and when you look down, these troubles might just look like ordinary shit. Yes… You read it right, shit. Here I found this artist is going to get us there.

The timely beats that progress through the track are going to instil confidence. If you have lots of confident, don’t worry, you then have the beats going to be a companion to the lead synth sound and will guide you through the multi-dimensional perception, it all really depends how deep you are willing to go. Did I go too far? Here is the only way to find it out… play the track and Make Room!

Makeup and Vanity Set – Brigador Intro

A long break after the lockdown have me stagnated and hang to dry. I’m coming back here to put down a few lines to help fuel my passion for music. Here allow me to introduce my newly discovered artist at Soundcloud Makeup and Vanity Set.

This composer has the repetitive sound pattern of the intro lure you into the mystery surrounding the soundtrack, suggesting some hidden mechanical transformation about to set in motion, while all this is going through, a surprise insert of rhythm change break the dazzling twilight of the intro and set you on the path of the journey with an open mind in what is to come.

A close look at Makeup and Vanity Set at Bandcamp reveals a long list of music production which got me excited at what I will find there. I might end up purchase a few of that awesome track. See you guys in the next post.

Interceptor – CRYSEHD

Found this gem today and love how CRYSEHD did to the arrangement of this music. There are moments where the track will come to an abrupt end and pick up the next second with amazing sound texture and dynamic beats. The synth part does introduce a nice blend of distortion. Not sure how I imagine this track to be used in my imagination, but it is refreshing different from so many other artists.

Volca Jam by Gary P Hayes

I’m must post this video from YouTube about this amazing artist Gary P Hayes doing the Korg Volca series jam. It just leaves me wanting for more of such amazing music. I did enjoy a few good jams from other channels but his videos stand out from the other. His jams are filled with melody and progressive movement. Very inspiring to watch and learn. I’m also collecting Volca currently, I did play with my Sample and Bass occasionally. Going to need more of those Volca on my desk soon.

SAYAK STRIKER – Never Surrender Album

What I like about this album is that all the songs included in it are good. Using synthesizer if you one didn’t do it right it just plain annoying to listen, mainly with a lot of distortion and high pitch. In the mix of this album, I can hear the instruments are perfectly in harmonic with each other. The beats are relaxing and smooth. You can almost listen to this for a long time and never have to feel overwhelmed by a lot of effects and dull repetitive rhythm.

The Mystery Conversation

At the beginning of this song, you can hear the instruments are playing tune very much like the contrast of each other. To place you in a higher sweet spot, the melody suggests a great mystery beyond your curious mind can fantom. I’m a sucker for this kind of song. Awesome job! Sit back and enjoy it.

Song by Moskva-Kassiopeya – Jupiter