12 Frames Inspired by Lomography T-shirt Design

12 Frames Tank Top

First Lomography encounter

Being a 35mm user I never thought I’ll venture out to the realm of medium format (120mm). It had always been the price factor and the size of the camera. What happen? Lomography happen.

12 Frames T-shirt

The dreamy look of Diana

What caught my eyes was the limited edition of Diana f+ from Lomography. And the result of the image search from Flickr and you will see these beautiful soft focus images by people all over the world. Intrigued by how imperfect an image can actually turn out to be beautiful. I must be honest with my search, if you ever join any of these Lomography groups, these are helpful and informative. Friendly and less cocky. It’s difficult to come back in today’s internet. Awesome community and cheap camera, it’s just the way I want it.

12 Frames Longsleeve


I had also been reading about others non-believer opinions in regards to this blur soft images that one have absolutely no control over the outcome. I must say, their opinion is not going to be soft haha… I had seen so many people who used expensive camera but pictures don’t turn out to be great. And cheap enough camera doesn’t give you the function to work on, but think of those people in the past, what they own was really not very advanced, yet they made history.

12 Frames Sweatshirt

The magic awaits

I suppose if one must take the perfect picture with absolutely sharp focus, I’m sure eBay has what you want at the right price. I cannot say for sure what is this magical feeling when using this plastic lens since I have yet to try out my first roll of 120. However, I think Lomography have something special install for all of us who can see the Lomo dreamy effect as part of our vision.

12 Frames Ladies T-shirt

The T-shirt

Inspired by my encounter with Diana, I made a t-shirt to celebrate my first Lomography Diana F+ medium format photography journey. Till next time after my first roll. Cheers!

12 Frames Ladies Tank Top


Font credit

I would like to mention that these two fonts weren’t designed by me. I would like to bring to your attention to the designer who had put up the font for use.

I search most of my font usage from 1001 Fonts. It is a great place to find well design font. The font below will link you to the page.

3D Let BRK Font

Author: Brian Kent

More from the author: myfonts.com

This is the upper number 12 font on the t-shirt. I choose this for its bulky block form that is eye-catching and cool.

Important Font

Author: Vladimir Nikolic

More from the author: coroflot.com

I wanted to have a subtle influence on the word frame but do not want a solid colour font, I kind of like the outline of this font and with that 3D like drop shadow effect fit perfectly in this area.