Adrian von Ziegler

Adrian von Ziegler-For the Pack

Recently I bought an album by Adrian von Ziegler from Switzerland. I first encounter Celtic music was back in the days of Braveheart in the 90s. When I listen to Celtic music, there is an air of uplifting momentum that invites you to move along with the rhythm. One can easily fall in love with the idea of peace and a land full of loving people who embrace each other and emit warm smiles even in the winter cold. By listening to Arian von Ziegler music, it creates an extension from James Horner to this new chapter of Celtic magic that is woven into the written music in me. I might be in my room but I have travelled across the land and fly with the wind, to discover and to be surprised by every track that works its way through the headphone. Give it a shot and you might never leave.

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