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gouco tower cityscape

Gouco Tower Cityscape

Gouco Tower had transformed our business district since it first set foot at the heart of Tanjong Pagar. Though this post is not dedicated to the tower design itself, it is worth noticing because of the tower design, the cityscape in this area has been transforming into a more modern or shall I say, a […]

the shade in the middle

The Shade In The Middle

Life living on this little island can be of claustrophobia if one does not reconnect with nature. Surely there are other places on this lonely planet that exist a bigger concrete city like us but, to me, this is more than my usual dosage of concrete-phobia I can take in. People like myself cannot ignore […]

ice cream man in the day

The Ice Cream Man In Day

I remember back in the school days where the only exciting thing to do after school is eating ice cream. The man who looks to be in his middle age will guard in front of the pushcart, waiting to take our money in exchange for ice cream. He always greeted us with a warm smile. […]

the three windows

The Three Windows

I’m always fascinated by how the people in the older generation build these three stories houses in Chinatown. The common phenomenon you will discover is that they have the significance of three embedded into the design. The tall window design brings ample light into the interior and widens your view of the outside world. I […]

Adrian von Ziegler

Adrian von Ziegler-For the Pack

Recently I bought an album by Adrian von Ziegler from Switzerland. I first encounter Celtic music was back in the days of Braveheart in the 90s. When I listen to Celtic music, there is an air of uplifting momentum that invites you to move along with the rhythm. One can easily fall in love with […]

An interview was going on while I took this photo in amazement that such a scene is difficult to meet.

The Interview

I came across this guy in the middle at Clark Quay. Not every day do I get to see people conducting interviews out in the open public space. They do look very cool for what its worth in this picture. But I regret to say I should have taken the whole crew member of this […]

One of the large tree at fort canning.

Tree Root at Fort Canning

I must begin by saying as a city person like myself, going to the park can attain a profound healing effect. After a while, it becomes essential that I must set aside time to do it periodically. Every time without fail, I can always find something special to be amazed by the wonder of nature. […]

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