Monthly Archives: May 2021

The Hotel Rendezvous Entrance

Whenever I walk into this hotel lobby I’m always impressed by this display of architecture design in bringing lights into the entrance of the lobby with the glass sunroof, and the large wall of curve concrete with windows that oversee the passersby through the front lobby evoke my curiosity of who might be among those […]

Vintage Interior Sun Roof Shop House

I always gravitate toward vintage sunroof architecture design like this shophouse in the photo. A relic in today’s modern society, a trace of the previous generation vivid commerce endeavour. The first floor was usually the business and the upper level was where the family dwelling. Currently, not many Singaporeans stay in these places, mostly foreign […]

Vintage Blue and White Vespa

This another awesome piece that is difficult to come by in today’s 4 stroke motorcycle nation like Singapore. I can only imagine how much work to maintain this beauty. Part of my sentiment of the vintage Vespa is the hard metal construction. Something that’s really build to last. And the smell of 2-T oil is […]


Violoncheloops from Mexico

If the sound of the cello makes you think of the already well known classical flavour but seemingly nothing new to add to the creative side of today’s modern music, look no further. Here is Violoncheloops. The execution of Violoncheloops has a unique movement and texture to its emotional presentation. With every string, the vibration […]

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