Murder, and The Birds

This came to me as a surprise while I was diving into the sea of new artist music to realize that this album does ring well in my ears. Not long ago I found the Blackmore’s Night, which is absolutely stunning and refreshing. Murder, and The Birds is the kind of music sing in acoustic soundwave, travelling to meet the vision of folk tales that will have you wrap in a surprise.


After we closed our eyes briefly a new day has begun without our permission
New tasks await our attention

while we figure out why our sleep has gone shorter

We blame time for not being generous but we didn't blame ourselves for dependent on employment

More gravely we come to realisation when we see our children grown and wonder why we weren't there to father them

By now the time has come where we will be sending our children to employment and we are powerless to avoid

All this happen because we fail to break the chain of employment and we suffer at the hand of this bitter life

We have lost the true purpose of why we have come

A freedom to choose without chain.


Out came the little body covered with blood

The woman of yesterday becomes a mother

No longer she views the world and her separately but as one

Her baby will now experience the world she helped to create

What was once part of her body becomes separated in flesh but not in heart

In hope, this little person will only see the beautiful things and never experience the dark deeds of mankind 

In return may this little person come to correct all the mistakes we made

A new world has begun.