Shall I start by saying “in this troubled time”? The outcome of the world affair like post stick on the screen reminds us of the mess we turn away. The thought of we getting into the muddy water was unthinkable. Not till now when it is in our face and we try to reconcile or get acquainted with but, there is no straight answer to our problems. However, when we are losing hope to the madness or supposedly claim madness (depend on which side of the fence you are standing.), listening to music can put you on the peak of the mountain and when you look down, these troubles might just look like ordinary shit. Yes… You read it right, shit. Here I found this artist is going to get us there.

The timely beats that progress through the track are going to instil confidence. If you have lots of confident, don’t worry, you then have the beats going to be a companion to the lead synth sound and will guide you through the multi-dimensional perception, it all really depends how deep you are willing to go. Did I go too far? Here is the only way to find it out… play the track and Make Room!

I can’t see shit without you New T-shirt Design

This design was inspired by my relationship with my wife after all these years living together. People often say behind every successful man there is always a wonder woman. Not like I’m starting to buy houses by the beach and drove the latest Tesla to work, but the quality of life has been improved drastically. At the bottom line here is that love is really all you need. Anything else is but a dream, it comes and goes. Here I like to wish you all a beautiful future ahead. Cheers!

Here I would like to give credit to these wonderful font designers who had helped me in my work and I did donate to their contribution. If you like their font fee free to check them out.

The design

I place the bulky display font in the first line to emphasis the importance of “I can’t”, I then insert the rough scratchy font of “see shit” to mark the roughness of it. You might not able to see the “see”, it is in blur effect to reduce the visibility. The “without” was placed in the box of yellow warning background and lastly the “you” I used the cursive to reflect the romance of the person I think of.