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Jazz Is Not Dead Ladies T-shirt

Jazz Music

To be frank, it is hard to find quality music in all those dazzling channels made available to us, surely we have no shortage in this digital era. I made this shirt to bring about the awareness of jazz music. I too love the work of electronic stuff, but to only embrace in one category of music is just not my way to enjoy what the world has to offer.

Jazz Is Not Dead Ladies Tank Top

Hero On Turntable

It’s hard to beat the good old fashion turntable running into a tube amplifier out to a tall box speaker travelling into your ear and eventually landed in your heart. The voice of Nina Simon mesmerizes so many people in her time. Still, till this day, Simon’s music has never failed to ignite the passion in me. Surely there is more out there that share the same sentiment of mine. This being said, Simon is just one of them, and if you cannot hear it, you must be deaf.

Jazz Is Not Dead Long Sleeve T-shirt

Music Is Like Fashion

Have you ever come across people whom are the latest stuff out there and deem everything that happens before are like shit that should flush down the hole? I know a few in my circle, more to the point I think a lot of people are caught up with the fast motion of change, each have to outdo the others may have drive people to be like this. What can I say? People are either asleep or awake and they are entitled to have their own opinion.

Jazz Is Not Dead Hooded Sweatshirt

Author: Ivan

I started to play around digital graphics software back when Photoshop was not living in the cloud and Corel Draw was a serious contender. Actually, I like Corel Draw more than Adobe products. Not very long later, when I was shopping for a new t-shirt, I realized that locally in Singapore, you don't really have a lot of choices except those that come with a big name attached to the collar along with big price tag. Then came along with the print on demand services online where I can set up and order my own prints. It was really cool and I don't have to pay a large sum of money. Plus point. Fast forward to today I'm doing 3D rendering and printing. I even printed my own Gold wedding ring haha... Since then I'm addicted to jewellery design. To support my hobby, I sell the t-shirt to support my blog. Feel free to look around and drop me a message.

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