Alphabet-C Ring Design

Alphabet-C Ring

Alphabet-C ring design thoughts and ideas

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Alphabet-C Ring
Alphabet-C Ring Perspective
Alphabet-C Ring
Alphabet-C Ring Front Edge
Alphabet-C Ring
Alphabet-C Ring Side Edge
Alphabet-C Ring
Alphabet-C Ring Front Closeup
Alphabet-C Ring
Alphabet-C Ring Closeup


The over simplify design might kills it

I suppose the challenge is to make the C connect with every previous element and yet do not over craft it or super simplify it. If you know what I mean, look around you, a lot of things can look like C if you pay attention to the environment. If over simplify the C might become difficult to recognize.

The special curve edge

For that, I round off at the end of the two points of the C to create uniqueness, to bring about a question of why it is round at the edge so that, the inner curve of the C will blend well with continuous flow from end to end.

360 virtual reality view - VR

Within that rectangular frame, I set in the curve of the C starting from the left side of the ring, leaving the curve of the C to repeat the cascading effect on both sides. On the inside of the C, recess is deeper than the outer curve. It is easier to emphasize the inner C than the outer.

Alphabet-C ring new element design

From this point may I introduce you a new element I had never deploy before, the bending edge of the inner circle. By this new technique can clearly bring about the distinction of the letter C which was deliberately set into the centre stage of the ring face.

Another clear distinction from my other design is this new element that cut through the core of the ring, leaving a suspend face with the element of lightness. You must admit the resemblance is very much close as the letter C, note how that hollow empty space of an imperfect circle that form the letter.


Author: Ivan

I started to play around digital graphics software back when Photoshop was not living in the cloud and Corel Draw was a serious contender. Actually, I like Corel Draw more than Adobe products. Not very long later, when I was shopping for a new t-shirt, I realized that locally in Singapore, you don't really have a lot of choices except those that come with a big name attached to the collar along with big price tag. Then came along with the print on demand services online where I can set up and order my own prints. It was really cool and I don't have to pay a large sum of money. Plus point. Fast forward to today I'm doing 3D rendering and printing. I even printed my own Gold wedding ring haha... Since then I'm addicted to jewellery design. To support my hobby, I sell the t-shirt to support my blog. Feel free to look around and drop me a message.

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