The Alpha Tee


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The making of the Alpha Tee.

The word Alpha is not just a word, it is a symbol. It represents the first, forefront, the being of something. It is use in the name of products, organizations, ideas and many more Alphas made its way to countless places.

I want a t-shirt design to represent this idea, a new set of font design to represent the word Alpha. The first letter I worked on is ‘A’.





I like this font to have a little pointy cut resemblance the being of things, and have that futuristic style to reflect a new era to come.


When come to the main body of the graphic design, I imagine some non-uniform element forms into the center well define symbol of an ‘a’.


Above this, I put a triangle above it to represent the letter ‘A’ with a line strike through the middle.


Author: Ivan

I started to play around digital graphics software back when Photoshop was not living in the cloud and Corel Draw was a serious contender. Actually, I like Corel Draw more than Adobe products. Not very long later, when I was shopping for a new t-shirt, I realized that locally in Singapore, you don't really have a lot of choices except those that come with a big name attached to the collar along with big price tag. Then came along with the print on demand services online where I can set up and order my own prints. It was really cool and I don't have to pay a large sum of money. Plus point. Fast forward to today I'm doing 3D rendering and printing. I even printed my own Gold wedding ring haha... Since then I'm addicted to jewellery design. To support my hobby, I sell the t-shirt to support my blog. Feel free to look around and drop me a message.

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