After the rain

It is my favourite time after the rain. In this picture, the house below stretches all the way ahead as far as the eye can see, looks like half of the world is sleeping and the other half is about to be awakened.

The new hotel at Club Street

Right in the middle is the construction of this new hotel. Before it was a carpark, and not many people paid attention to it, and now replaced by a new venture to dazzle the new visitor after its completion. And I’m sure it will change the look of this street.

Seeking a way out

It has been a while since I last recorded something. It is because I recently added some hardware to the setup and had been learning how to use it. At this point, I’m beginning to understand that adding a lot of new hardware to the setup within a short period of time can stop the… Continue reading Seeking a way out

The business building with square windows

Every time I’m here at Suntec City, I’m always attracted to the five large buildings within the compound. It’s been built so many decades and it still looks like it was just completed last year. And its simplicity always works in black and white photography.